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Colorado River Toad



Scientific name:  Incilius alvarius

Where am I from originally?  Northern Mexico and the southwestern United States

What’s for dinner?  Mealworms, crickets and other insects

Fun fact:  Colorado River Toads have glands in their skin that produce poison to help ward off predators


Sometimes called the Sonoran Desert Toad, the Colorado River Toad can grow up to seven inches long and is the largest native toad in the United States.  Colorado River toads are primarily nocturnal and prefer dry habitats in the wild, but Fatback doesn’t mind attending daytime parties in the Georgia humidity.  Technically, Colorado River Toads are poisonous, but don’t worry, parents and teachers…Fatback is not dangerous.  Colorado River Toads only secrete poison when they are being threatened by a natural predator.  

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