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Welcome to Our Jungle 


The Party Animals Atlanta clan is comprised of a diverse cast of characters representing species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, arachnids and insects from around the world.  From the loveable and cuddly to the scaly and slithery, we bring approximately 15 animals to each program.  All of our animals live in our Department of Natural Resources and USDA approved housing facility when they’re not entertaining at private parties, schools and festivals.         


Most of our animals are rescues and NONE of them were captured in the wild or on the endangered species list.  We have extensive experience handling all of our animals and we will gladly allow program attendees to touch animals that do not require special training to handle.  Check out our animal bio pages for interesting facts about our most popular party animals!


Meet The Party Animals


Cuban Rock Iguana - "Moe"

Argus Monitor - "Slash"

Bearded Dragon - "Sydney"

Chinchilla - "Jerry"

Holland Lop Rabbit - "Peter"

California Kingsnake - "Oreo"

Pancake Tortoises - "Bisquick" and "Flapjack"

Colorado River Toad - "Fatback"

African Spurred Tortoise - "Atilla" 

Other Party Favorites

New Additions

Party Favorites

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