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Scientific name:  Centrochelys sulcata

Where am I from originally?  North Africa in the Sahara Desert

What’s for dinner?  Timothy hay, Bermuda grass, leafy vegetables, grass and weeds

Fun fact:  African Spurred Tortoises can weigh up 150 pounds. 


It’s fair to say that Attila is the Godfather of the Party Animals Atlanta crew.  He has been in our collection for over 16 years and has been a personal favorite since we adopted him.  Attila doesn’t make party appearances these days, though.  He has been forced into early retirement through no fault of his own.  At nearly 100 pounds, Attila has become increasingly difficult to transport without causing his handlers significant lower back pain.  Attila was also the inspiration for the Party Animals Atlanta logo, and even though he no longer attends parties, he’ll always have a home with us. 

African Spurred Tortoise (Retired)

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