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“Flapjack” & “Bisquick” 


Scientific name:  Malacochersus tornieri

Where are we from originally?  East Africa

What’s for dinner?  Leafy greens, grass, opuntia cacti, clover and dandelions

Fun fact:  Their thin shells are actually flexible


As their name suggests, Pancake tortoises are flat, which allows them to hide in tight spaces to avoid being detected by predators.  In addition to their thin, low profiles and ability to squeeze into small spaces, Pancake tortoises also rely on their speed and agility to help elude potential predators in the wild.  Flapjack and Bisquick can move pretty fast, too…for tortoises, but they don’t have any predators chasing them through the Party Animals housing facility, so they rarely have the opportunity to show off their speed in captivity.  

Pancake Tortoises

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