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A Memorable & Educational Experience


Party Animals Atlanta’s programs are perfect for small classroom settings, large school assemblies, science fairs or outdoor festivals.  No program is too big or too small.*  And unlike expensive field trips that require extensive planning, there’s no hassle of coordinating travel arrangements, collecting permission slips** and chaperoning dozens of children during an off-campus trip. 


First and foremost, our goal is to provide an unforgettable and enriching experience for students of all ages, but education is just as important.  Our programs are a valuable interactive teaching resource as Georgia Performance Standards (formerly CRCT) terms and concepts are covered during our ALL of our presentations.  In addition to delivering a unique teaching resource straight to your classroom, our school programs can fit into most any school budget.  The cost is the same no matter how many children attend and there are no hidden fees to worry about…ever.  We even waive the program deposit for ALL schools.  Click here for more information on booking a program at your school today.     


We’re proud of our contributions to education in the Atlanta area.  Our biggest reward is seeing the enthusiastic and attentive faces in every classroom that we’ve had the privilege of visiting.  Over the years, we’ve presented to over 130 schools and have visited many on multiple occasion.  Students and teachers alike appreciate the experience of meeting our animals in person.  Click here to read some of the notes we’ve received from teachers and students. 


*While there is no limit to the number of children that may attend our programs, we recommend limiting the number of attendees in each session.  With large groups, sometimes we do not have enough time to allow each attendee to touch or see the animals up close. 


**Some schools do require parental consent to participate in our programs.  Requirements vary from school to school, so please contact your school’s administrators for information before you book.  



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