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Neighborhood & Community Events


We love a good crowd!  And we love to participate in community and neighborhood festivities whenever we have the opportunity.  We’re not bashful and neither are our animals, so large crowds with constantly rotating audiences are perfect for us.  We can easily tailor our presentations on the spot to accommodate a large group of curious children and adults and then immediately shift gears to provide a one-on-one session for that extra-inquisitive future zoologist in the group.  We relish every opportunity to educate and entertain large festival crowds…and the animals aren’t intimidated or spooked by the extra attention, either.  We are able to operate in large or small areas, so if you have enough room for a parking space, then you have enough room for us! 


Our services are extremely affordable, especially when you consider the other costs associated with hiring other festival vendors and entertainment options.  Click here for more information on booking a program for your neighborhood event today.      


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