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Scientific name:  Lampropeltis getula californiae

Where am I from originally?  The western US and northern Mexico

What’s for dinner?  Mice

Fun fact:  Kingsnakes shed their skin four to six times per year


Kingsnakes got their name from their tendency to eat other snakes in the wild…even venemous snakes!  But since we’re snake lovers at Party Animals Atlanta, we don’t feed Oreo other snakes.  It’s pretty easy to see how Oreo got her name – her distinct black and white pattern make the nonvenomous Kingsnake very easy to identify in the wild.  Kingsnakes are also very friendly snakes and are fairly easy to keep in captivity.  Since Oreo is a nonvenomous snake and is very easy to handle, most children jump at the chance to let her slither through their fingers.  


California Kingsnake

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