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Meet the Owner & Operator 


Party Animals Atlanta is owned and operated by certified Zoologist, Jim Nark.  Originally from Long Island, New York, Jim’s affinity for studying and collecting exotic reptiles, amphibians and mammals began at a very young age.  By the time he was a teenager, he shared his bedroom with a boa constrictor, an iguana, several frogs, a water monitor and even a copperhead snake. 



When it came time head off to college, Jim packed up his animals and headed south for the University of Tennessee in Knoxville where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology in 1997.  After college, Jim elected to stay in the South and took a position as a Fisheries Biologist for the National Park Service in the Great Smoky Mountains.  From there, he accepted a position with Zoo Atlanta where he cared for the animals and later worked in the Marketing and Membership Department. 


Jim’s passion for studying and caring for animals motivated him to start his own business giving him the opportunity to educate others about the animal kingdom and the planet’s natural environment.  Since founding Party Animals Atlanta, Jim has shared his experiences and knowledge with thousands of children, parents, students and teachers.  Jim’s enthusiasm is easy to spot when he’s in front of a group presenting his unique programs.  His ability to teach and entertain in a manner that everyone can relate to makes any party, festival or school program a memorable occasion. 


Jim’s personal life is just as exciting as his professional life.  As a New York transplant, Jim remains a Jets, Mets and Islanders fan, but he also cheers on the Tennessee Volunteers when he’s not chasing lizards and feeding snakes.  Jim and his wife, Elisabeth, are world travelers, having visited the rainforests of Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Peru along with other destinations like Hawaii, France, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.   Jim is an avid fisherman and he enjoys other outdoor activities like kayaking, camping and playing with his pit bull, Jed.

Jim Nark's Background and Bio

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